Caravan Rally:

Here Be Dragons

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You’re invited…

On ancient maps, cartographers would draw great beasts outside the known and explored lands. As humans we took this as a warning sign, that beyond this is danger. Presently, few of us thought that these illustrations actually revealed the creatures of these lands. Perhaps we were wrong.

An invitation has been delivered to the Explorers Guild headquarters granting a handful of adventurers an opportunity to see these creatures and their worlds up close. Though wonder and delight will surely abound, this invitation does come with a warning, that though these creatures may have existed, their warning of danger is also just as present.


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Caravan Rally is an intense endurance challenge which promises participants an opportunity to see a world which is typically closed off to everyone but the bravest of Explorers. Being invited does not indicate you are ready. The creatures, experiences and challenges ahead are a once in a lifetime opportunity, just make sure you and your team are prepared.

We will start in Oakland around 6pm on Friday, October 26th and end in Ashland, Oregon on Saturday afternoon (October 27th). All attendees need to take special note that this event starts Friday night and continues through to Saturday afternoon. As driving goes through the night, every team should plan to have at least two capable drivers and to make sure everyone is well fed and prepared for the journey ahead. Additionally we'll all be staying in Ashland on Saturday, October 27th before heading back to the Bay Area on Sunday. While the story doesn't continue into Sunday, teams are free to caravan back together if they would like. 

As this is Halloween weekend, we ask teams to come in costume - ideally team thematic. Costumes involving your vehicle are strongly encouraged.

Registration cost is $125 per team. Teams will need to get their own hotel room, make their own car arrangements and get their own gas and food. We're working on getting a group rate in Ashland and will send out details as soon as we have them.

The locations that we'll be visiting are in dark, often forested realms. Though we'll mostly be on trails, not every location is paved. If you have questions about mobility access please feel free to contact us and we can provide more information. Additionally it should be noted that many of the magical locations will not have cell signal.

Teams must have a car and the car must keep one seat open in the vehicle. So if you have a four seat vehicle, your team may not be more than 3 people. Each car needs to be able to travel at least 250 miles before needing to be filled up. Again, a second driver is imperative too.

A packing list will be provided no later than October 18th. Teams will be expected to have prepared these items for themselves and for the success of the caravan.

Space is limited so be sure to register early to ensure a place for you and your team.

[Registration is now closed]

It’s a Rally, Not a Race

Caravan Rally isn't a race. Teams come together to experience the creatures of the imagination as one. Everyone will work together as teams and a caravan. There will be challenges but this is not a puzzle hunt. Consider it immersive theater on the road.



The design team will all be staying at the Best Western: Windsor Inn and we'd like to invite all the other teams to join us. We'll be walking distance of our ending festivities location (Caldera Brewery) and the hotel has plenty of rooms set aside for us. There's a hot tub, free hot breakfast, plenty of parking and supposedly the most comfortable beds in the town (which will be much appreciated for all those needing sleep by that point I'm sure). The double queen rooms are available for $120 in addition to your team registration fee for Saturday night (10/27). If you'd like to stay with us, you can select it on your registration.

We chose this location for its proximity to Caldera Brewing, but also because it's nearby to a few other hotels and motels in the area. If you (or your team) need something a bit more luxurious or would like to find a place a little cheaper, there are plenty of options! A hotel guide has been created to help navigate your options. These are also just the ones closest to us, Ashland has a number of boutique hotels in the town too.


Generally for this event there is light hiking and walking around. Some of the terrain is unpaved and considered uneven. Please feel free to contact organizers for more details if accessibility is a concern.

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Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for future announcements.

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Rally Teams:

Cats with Weapons

Hail and well met, adventurers! We, the Cats with Weapons, are a troupe of formidable felines from a time and place beyond reckoning. We have been tasked with quelling an agent of chaos in the universe, the slanderous and troublesome rodent Ratatoskr. Our quest to stop the delicious messenger of the World Tree from continuing to sow seeds of mistrust will take all of our claws and cleverness, but we - the warrior cats Pounce, Ruby, and Sindra - are ready to travel far and wide across the world. Whatever allies we find along the way can trust in the strength of our swords and the fierceness of our fangs in this quest. May your naps be long and your hearths always warm!

Team Draco

Many centuries ago, three dragon eggs were dispersed from their nest to the far corners of the Earth to save them from an impending catastrophe. The siblings hatched and grew up, unknown to each other, and unaware of other dragons. To survive, they hid in remote areas or disguised themselves as local reptilian species. Following clues contained in human myths and fairly tales, they eventually found each other and re-united from their distant lands.

After hearing about the expedition of the Explorers Guild, we — Redonkulus the Unvanquished, Breg the Thunder-footed, and Tiamat, Lord of Chaos and Keeper of the Tablet of Destinies — have come out of hiding to discover if any of our kind still exist, and perhaps find our long-lost Mother, rumored to have been sighted in these parts. We are also here to stand against the trafficking and sale of dragon blood, which must be gifted by a dragon to retain its powers.

Dr. Ehsji’s Creature Care — Mobile Veterinarians

With a specialization in traumatized mythical creature’s substance abuse issues, Dr. Ehsji #1 and Dr. Ehsji #2 have earned a grant from the Fire Breathing Animals Association to travel due north. This is their first time crossing any rivers or other lines drawn by stellar cartographers. They hope to produce radical positive changes in the level of care for creatures everywhere. In the field, they use powerful newly tested modalities such as empathic listening, card games, and head scritches. Of course, will be traveling with an assortment of diagnostic tools like the facia to scale ratiometer, beastilizer tubes, and go-cry counters.

Finding Captain Nemo

The admirable Dr. Professor,

My name is Captain Marko du Beest and from my earliest childhood I have been a dreamer and a visionary. My quest for truth has taken me to rather dangerous places. From the Aegean Sea to the Northwest Passages, we have battled monumental storms and seen fantastic creatures. We fear not the gastric cacophony of the kraken nor the darkest abyssal ravines. We live in the heart of the seas because here alone lies independence. Here we are truly free.

My team and I search for the great Salmon of Knowledge hidden within the deepest of depths. Lore says that the world's wisdom is imparted to the first person to consume its flesh, so in continued pursuit of the truth we shall seek for it all at once in this prized creature.

I have convinced Officer Jewels Burn to join me on this trip along with Skipper Polo del Mare. We have adventured together for many a year and only once have the tendrils of terror ever clenched our hearts and briefly faltered our beliefs in the bonds of brotherhood. We bristle at no challenge and boldly step across the line to accept this call to adventure.

Oceans await,

Captain Marko du Beest

The Great Migration

Brother Bear is great friends with Reynard LeSournois and Miss Mariposa. Brother Bear knows that means helping out when your friends need you, and having adventures together. One Friday, Reynard asked Miss Mariposa and Brother Bear to join him on a road trip. Reynard asked them to meet at a particular street corner in Oakland in twenty minutes and ask no questions. When Brother Bear arrived, Reynard was in quite a hurry. He just threw his bag in the back of the car and asked Brother Bear to “step on it”. Brother Bear wondered why Reynard was in such a hurry; perhaps he’s just really excited about their vacation!

Brother Bear doesn’t know where they’re going on this trip. Maybe it’s a surprise! Maybe he’ll meet the Great California Golden Bear. Or maybe he’ll get to match wits with an owlbear. Brother Bear has always wanted to meet an owlbear. Miss Mariposa is looking forward to a charming little bijou getaway. They’re heading out into the wilds and Miss Mariposa knows that the infrastructure isn’t maintained like it used to be. Perhaps they’ll get to meet the mythical Mothman. Miss Mariposa doesn’t know whether she’s excited or afraid of that idea. Reynard doesn’t really mind where they go as long as it’s away from here right now very fast. Then he can relax. Reynard has always wanted to meet his namesake, The First Fox. He’s heard that the original Reynard lives out on the margins, in the in-between places along the road. What an exciting journey!

Napoleon Gelignite

Hi Explorers! Napoleon Gelignite here. I'm here with my dorky brother Kip and my friend Deb to find legendary ligers. A liger is pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic. Kip is coming along to keep us safe, he thinks he's a WWE wrestler. And Deb wants to sell you her homemade bracelets, they're pretty great actually. My friend Pedro would've been joining us if he wasn't running for mayor right now... Vote for Pedro!

Silver Bullet

Immediately following the last Caravan Rally, the heavy metal rockers known as SILVER BULLET lost their signature vehicle in a freak windshield wiper accident. Unable to cope with the loss, Wilbur Silver and Mullet Bullet parted ways in an attempt to lead normal lives. But now they're back! Reuniting for one last reunion tour, the duo set out on a new quest to find the Silver Siren, a wise woman of legend who is said to lurk in the dark and musty places of the West Coast, in hopes of finding the key to unlock their true potential. Underprepared and under-equipped, Silver Bullet rides again.


From the post apocalyptic future we exist to salvage what technological and natural resources still remain. 

Julie: especially fond of timepieces- believes there’s one “out there” that will allow her to travel back in time. #1 burlap trader in her society 9. Currently trying to create a market for artisan dirt. 

Christy: before the mutiny, she worked for society 9’s largest detox effort- a corrupt industry claiming to make food product from chemical waste. Turned rogue and is trying to establish her own processing plant within a ruined cathedral dubbed “the lab” by local youth. Would love to see a hippocampus, does NOT want to run into a Barghest!

Trick or Treat

Welcome all ghosts, monsters, witches, wizards, and things that go bump in the night. Trick or Treat. Come ring the bell for a treat or find us at your door, bags in hand. Don't be scared. You know what to do, we like treats. But, we also have a few tricks up our sleves. HahahahahahamuHAHaHHaha....

Trying to capture the mythical Trick or Treaters. Last seem wandering the surburban streets at night. Not sure if they exist. Will investigate..


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