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Dipsea Stairs and Tourist Club

What are the Dipsea Stairs and Tourist Club? I'm glad you asked! First off the Nature Friends Tourist Club is a building located right above Muir Woods in the hills. It was built by a local branch of Die Naturfreunde (Nature Friends) which is an organization for lovers of nature and outdoor activities that was originally founded in Vienna, Austria in 1895. Check out their history as they are right up the alley of the Explorers Guild. Their club is typically for members, though a few times a year they open it to the public. Their open days are usually filled with music, games, beer and sausages out on an amazing wood deck overlooking Muir Woods and the Pacific. Best way to access it is via a hiking trails on the rim, though there are other methods too. For Explorers though, we're opting for the big challenge by starting with the Dipsea Stairs.

The Dipsea Stairs are famous for their brutal ascent up to the rim of the Marin hills before leading down to Muir Woods. They wind through homes and redwoods and are also the primary feature of the Dipsea race. We'll plan to take our time, giving us about 2 hours to start on the Mill Valley floor before we arrive at the Tourist Club at noon. For those of us on this expedition, the beer, sausages and camaraderie will be a reward to write home about.

As for the logistics we've secured 18 tickets for the event and now we just need to make our list of Explorers! If you are interested in joining us, send me a message and RSVP. This is VERY important if you think you are going and you can do so either by email or DM to me on our slack group. Tickets are not sold at the door, they sell out every event, and RSVP for Explorers is going to be first come first serve. If we fill out our RSVP list quickly though, I will notify the troupe and you can all still try to get tickets for yourselves ahead of the event.

Cost for this event is $22, and will go to the members who secured tickets for our troupe last week. More details about our expedition will come out as we get closer to the event. Again, RSVP sooner rather than later!

The Dip Sea stairs await....

The Dip Sea stairs await....

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