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Montalvo Enclave

Reports have been coming into the guild that out in the hills east of our excursion to Castle Rock is a community identified as Montalvo. Little is known of the people or their culture, but we've been tasked with examining and understanding it better. There seems to even be a possibility that this is where the explorer "L.A.J." (the explorer who found and turned over the Aculeo Flag) might have ended up after their trip to Montara. Having only found faint signals of other guild members before, my curiosity and general interest is piqued.

As explorers, we must seek out further information. Who are the people who designed this space and what's meaningful to them? Is this where L.A.J. went to after Montara? Are there traces of Explorers Guild influences here?

This expedition will require an excellent stellar cartographer along with a culinarian and an active complement of redshirts to help pull this off. If all goes well our team could return with a meaningful look into an Explorers Guild enclave previously unfamiliar to us... hopefully it isn't a trap.

This expedition is set for Sunday, January 21st, so sign up and come join us.

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