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Caravan Rally: Here Be Dragons

  • Childrens Fairyland (map)

On ancient maps, cartographers would draw great beasts outside the known and explored lands. As humans we took this as a warning sign, that beyond this is danger. Presently, few of us thought that these illustrations actually revealed the creatures of these lands. Perhaps we were wrong.

An invitation has been delivered to the Explorers Guild headquarters granting a handful of adventurers an opportunity to see these creatures and their worlds up close. Though wonder and delight will surely abound, this invitation does come with a warning, that though these creatures may have existed, their warning of danger is also just as present.


Caravan Rally is an intense endurance challenge which promises participants an opportunity to see a world which is typically closed off to everyone but the bravest of Explorers. Being invited does not indicate you are ready. The creatures, experiences and challenges ahead are a once in a lifetime opportunity, just make sure you and your team are prepared.

We will start in Oakland around 6pm on Friday, October 26th and end in Ashland, Oregon on Saturday afternoon. All attendees need to take special note that this event starts Friday night and continues through to Saturday afternoon. As driving goes through the night, every team should plan to have at least two capable drivers and to make sure everyone is well fed and prepared for the journey ahead. Additionally we'll all be staying in Ashland on Saturday, October 27th before heading back to the Bay Area on Sunday. While the story doesn't continue into Sunday, teams are free to caravan back together if they would like. 

As this is Halloween weekend, we ask teams to come in costume - ideally team thematic. Costumes involving your vehicle are strongly encouraged.

Registration cost is $125 per team. Teams will need to get their own hotel room, make their own car arrangements and get their own gas and food. We're working on getting a group rate in Ashland and will send out details as soon as we have them.

The locations that we'll be visiting are in dark, often forested realms. Though we'll mostly be on trails, not every location is paved. If you have questions about mobility access please feel free to contact us and we can provide more information. Additionally it should be noted that many of the magical locations will not have cell signal.

Teams must have a car and the car must keep one seat open in the vehicle. So if you have a four seat vehicle, your team may not be more than 3 people. Each car needs to be able to travel at least 250 miles before needing to be filled up. Again, a second driver is imperative too.

A packing list will be provided no later than October 18th. Teams will be expected to have prepared these items for themselves and for the success of the caravan.

Space is limited so be sure to register early to ensure a place for you and your team.

To register, you must fill out the Registration Form and send your payment for the ticket (PayPal: or SquareCash: $drprofessor). Only when both of these tasks are completed will you have successfully registered.

It's a Rally, Not a Race

Caravan Rally isn't a race. Teams come together to experience the creatures of the imagination as one. Everyone will work together as teams and a caravan. There will be challenges but this is not a puzzle hunt. Consider it immersive theater on the road.


The design team will all be staying at the Best Western: Windsor Inn and we'd like to invite all the other teams to join us. We'll be walking distance of our ending festivities location (Caldera Brewery) and the hotel has plenty of rooms set aside for us. There's a hot tub, free hot breakfast, plenty of parking and supposedly the most comfortable beds in the town (which will be much appreciated for all those needing sleep by that point I'm sure). The double queen rooms are available for $120 for Saturday night (10/27). If you'd like to stay with us, you can select it on your registration.

We chose this location for its proximity to Caldera Brewing, but also because it's nearby to a few other hotels and motels in the area. If you (or your team) need something a bit more luxurious or would like to find a place a little cheaper, there are plenty of options! A hotel guide has been created to help navigate your options. These are also just the ones closest to us, Ashland has a number of boutique hotels in the town too.

Register Now

This initial invite is for the Explorers Guild, after which we'll be opening it up to other audiences. If you'd like to join us be sure to register and pay sooner rather than later. 

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