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Giving Tree

March 18th, the Explorers Guild will be visiting the Giving Tree. We've been patiently waiting to revisit this special site and it looks like we'll get out chance again soon.This is an event that was supposed to take place in November but was canceled due to rains. We're hoping that the skies part for us and that we'll be able to pick up this event on Sunday, March 18th. Here's your call to adventure:

The Giving Tree is a sacred site revered for its ability to inspire joy & gratitude among its visitors. The exact coordinates of the tree have been hidden for several years, but we've received a transmission with a tip on its whereabouts.

Together, we will em-bark on a quest to relocate the Giving Tree on Sunday, March 18th at 1pm. If luck prevails, we will be able to recover some of the tree's seeds to spread its gift beyond our visit.

Following the expedition, we will celebrate with a picnic feast. Please bring some food to share!

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