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Expedition: Valley of Fire

One year ago two explorers went out to the Valley of Fire in search of new scientific discoveries. The stories that came back and the discoveries made were almost too good to be believed. Candied hills, ancient stellar cartography and the tracks of a great beast. What more could Explorers be looking for?! They collected as much information as they could before returning to headquarters in hopes of mounting an expedition worthy of the challenge. After months of logistics, forward planning and building up personal resolve, it's finally time to head back.

The Explorers Guild is looking for 15 explorers to brave a return trip back to the Valley of Fire. This will be no easy task. Explorers will need excellent Stellar Cartographers to bring back our new discoveries to the rest of the guild. We'll also need trackers. Recognizing that we have yet to unveil that as a skill, we've prepared a workshop and badge to teach all those who attend the basics of spoor tracking.

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