Mt. Tam

Troupe 001 found itself scaling Mt. Tamalpais for one of the most incredible views of the Bay Area imaginable. Worried that it might be cold at the top, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the warth of the peek. From the meeting point, the city, the bay and the fog all mixed together giving the team a spectacular show. This mixture also served us well as we looked to complete important work with illustrating and finding new ways to describe the air around the summit.

Though the view often distracted us from our goals, we were particularly successful in identifying a new type of air called Umbraal Air. This particular type, is warm and typically rises from the reddish-brown rocks that have been taking in the sun all day. There were multiple pockets of this umbraal air, and one specimen collected for later studying. Additionally, we came across what was dubbed Blurry Air at the first viewpoint. Though it seemed to be unnaturally still, it would often affect Explorers by blurring their vision (especially of the flag) slightly. This was occasionally treacherous when a small excursion team broke off from base camp and only the top of the flag was seen for their location identification. Luckily the blurry air did not affect base camp's tracking of the excursion team. By the end of the day, Troupe 001 summited the mountain and took their final notes and specimen samples. If you're interested int eh additional categorization of the specimens found, be sure to check the Stellar Cartography pages.