Since 2015, the Explorers Guild has been meeting and creating immersive fiction.

While on an excursion, participants are asked to take on the role of an explorer, seeing the world with new eyes, hypothesizing the possible origins of landmarks, and building their backstories. These stories and events are catalogued in a “Stellar Cartography” log book, which builds upon the adventures and concepts from one expedition to the next.

Expeditions are marked by a Line in the Sand ritual, where all participants must embrace and continue on in the mindset of an explorer. From that moment, expedition participants are on a journey together.

The Explorers Guild is an opportunity for people to meet, explore and build community under the umbrella of storytelling. Expeditions are led by captains, who are members of the community who have shown an aptitude for the guild traditions and community building. A captain’s rank is further enforced as they earn merit badges and honors with a previous captain’s guidance.

Currently, the Explorers Guild is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with expeditions planned about once per month. Some events are limited in capacity, so subscribe to receive updates on upcoming events. Multi-day trips are typically exclusively for members, with some exceptions considered.